I-CBT On Demand Training

I am thrilled to announce my upcoming self-paced Inference-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (I-CBT) training. This immersive online course will guide you in depth through the I-CBT Clinician’s Manual, authored by the esteemed founders of this groundbreaking approach, Fred Aardema and Kieron O’Connor.

  • The course is composed of 12 comprehensive modules that not only cover the theory behind I-CBT but also provide detailed, hands-on strategies in for its practical application. 

  • Inclusion of a copy of the I-CBT workbook

  • includes a set of customized slides designed for use with your clients.

Whats Included

I-CBT Workbook

This training will include a PDF version of the I-CBT workbook I crafted from my personal journey through various subtypes of OCD, providing you with a plethora of real-world examples.


Discover our customized PowerPoint slides for therapists, designed to turn sessions into engaging explorations rather than lectures, ensuring your clients remain intrigued and invested as they journey through the therapeutic process

Module Summaries

Dive into our Module Summaries, blending key concepts with captivating visuals, ensuring your clients not only grasp but remember pivotal ideas, priming them seamlessly for the next learning leap!

How Does I-CBT Compare to Other Treatments?


“I just want to put in a plug for Brittany Goff who teaches Inference based CBT for OCD. I met with a client today who told me about having a major breakthrough because of the I-CBT skills that I taught her after completing Brittany’s course.”

Shlomo Scho, Schor Counseling

“Great instructor! Material is easy to digest. She answered questions and provided clinical examples. Highly recommend!”

Kristina Orlova, LMFT, Owner KOR Results, OCD Whisperer Podcast

“Brittany’s training was my first exposure to I-CBT, and I was able to confidently start using it right away! She takes difficult concepts and makes them easily accessible! I highly recommend!”

Dr. Rachael Herrington Roldan