Brainspotting therapy is an innovative and advanced brain-body treatment method focused on addressing trauma, mental health imbalances, and residual emotional issues. It operates on the principle that the position of the eyes can connect to and help access unprocessed trauma stored in the brain. By locating specific eye positions, known as “brainspots,” our therapists can guide you through the process of identifying, processing, and ultimately releasing deep emotional and physical traumas. This therapy is rooted in the understanding that where you look affects how you feel, thereby facilitating a direct link to the brain’s autonomic and limbic systems which are involved in the body’s emotional responses and healing processes.

For our neurodivergent clients, Brainspotting has shown remarkable success in enhancing emotional regulation.  One of the unique benefits of Brainspotting is its ability to bypass the areas of the brain not involved in neurobiological regulation, directly engaging the regions responsible for processing trauma and emotional dysregulation. This makes it especially effective for individuals who may struggle with verbal expression or those who have not found relief through traditional talk therapy​​.